Ezer Consulting

Is your business growing like you think it should?

The secret to growth.

Every successful business eventually gets to a place where the systems that worked in the past no longer seem to work well.  When you get to this point you have two choices.  You can either double down on what you've always done (and stop growing), or you can re-work your systems and keep growing.  

If you're feeling stuck and want to figure out what's keeping your specific business from growing, let's schedule a time to talk. 

Overcoming hidden obstacles.

Here's a glance at what working with Ezer Consulting can look like.

Step 1: Strategy Session

While meeting for coffee, we create a flow chart of your current process and assess your baseline.  

We'll uncover the top 2-3 hidden obstacles that are keeping your company from growing.

Step 2: Projects

We'll work on overcoming one obstacle at a time, so that each obstacle is no longer keeping your company from growing. 

Each project typically lasts 6-8 weeks and includes a weekly meeting.

Step 3: Coaching

We meet regularly or as needed, so that we can keep refining your process to ensure that your company keeps growing.

We'll identify specific check-in times to make sure that you're hitting your goals.

As entrepreneurs, we start businesses that solve problems for our clients. While we're good at solving problems, we're not always good at writing down in detail exactly HOW we solve those problems. Kari is like Keanu Reeves dodging bullets in the 1999 movie "The Matrix". She has the unique ability of slowing things down in a fast paced environment so you can learn what you're dealing with, and discover how to improve it. 

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