Help, as in joining someone in battle

For years, I felt like I was either "burnt-out" or "recovering from burn-out." I know how it feels to carry the weight of a business on your shoulders.  

Let me join you in the "battle" to break free from the obstacles that are keeping your business from growing like it could. 

Meet Kari Baker.

Founder, Business Process Consultant

My mom likes to tell this story:  When I was a toddler, I took my favorite doll with me everywhere.  One day while getting ready to go to the grocery store, I insisted that we had to change my doll's clothes (she was wearing a onesie with a drawstring at her feet), because clearly my doll would not be able to sit in the shopping cart properly in that attire.  My mom paused and smiled, baffled at her toddler's forethought, and kindly agreed.

I'm always thinking five steps down the road and making sure we're ready for what's coming.  I can't turn it off.  When working with businesses, I keep looking for possible obstacles that could keep things from working like they should as companies grow.  I love helping successful business owners strategically re-build systems that will be able to support even more growth.  


University of Georgia  Terry College of Business


Managing Companies, Emphasis in Process

Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma